How it Works

How it works:

KLASH is just like “truth or dare”! Well withouth the “truth” part but who the hell picks “truth” anyways?

So this is how it works:

Put your fun face on, download the app from the appstore and start challenging your friends in private group klashes or try to dare the whole world and win some crazy stuff.

What to do in 5 easy steps:

1. make a cool video where you do something challenging, dary and fun.

2. invite your friends to participate.

3. laugh your ass off.

4. upvote the best content

5. keep on laughing your ass off.

quite simple right...
No worries, what happens in your private groups stays there. This is a gentlemen´s product! What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

However, should you wanna show the world that you are capable of doing the outrageous, simply klash the whole world and get the community in on it. Ain't no business like showbusiness.

But most importantly remember our golden rule:
Have fun!