Klash Team

Hi, we’re Klash.

It all started with two guys challenging the third one to jump into the ocean and surf a wave.

Reward: One Beer.
Small side-note: The guy had never surfed before.

A few hours later, the guy was cooling down his countless bruises with the beer he just earned himself.

Watching the sunset at the horizon of the infinite ocean, the epiphany moment struck like a bolt out of the blue. Why not sharing these unforgettable experiences with our closest friends and turn it into an ever-lasting memory?

Two months later, Alessandro, Alex and Baris, the three friends from Barcelona, found themselves in Berlin looking for the missing links of the team. Call it destiny, fate or plain luck, but shortly after their arrival they met Roland, who first became a close friend and then the user interface designer of the team. The team got then completed after all of a sudden a cool Italian guy called Emiliano descended like a gift from the sky and became the developer of KLASH.

We klashed ourselves to create a kick-ass product that connects friends from anywhere through real-life fun engagement.